NEWTON MORENO was born in Recife, Brasil (1968), a Performing Arts graduate at Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp), holds Master and Doctor ’s degree at Universidade de São Paulo (USP).

He was the curator of project Debauchery in Drama in 2003 and 2004, engaged in opening a space for debating emerging homoerotic playwriting. He was in the faculty of ELT (Escola Livre de Teatro de Santo André- a theater college) and São Paulo School of Drama (SP Escola de Teatro), in charge of Playwriting. He participated as an actor/director in several plays and, in 2001, he staged his first text: “Deus sabia de tudo e.../God knew all about it and...”. Since then he has written other plays, including “Agreste/Drylands”, which won several awards in 2004. In 2005, he took part in the International Residency Project at Royal Court Theatre in London. He also took part at Mousson d’ète Festival in 2010.


As a director, he staged:

“Deus sabia de tudo e.../God knew about it and...”

“Assombrações do Recife Velho/Hauntings from the Anciet Recife”


“Memória da Cana/Memories of the sugar cane”.

“On the Possibility of Happiness around the World”.


As as playwright, he staged:

“Deus sabia de tudo e.../God knew about it and...”


“Body Art”

“Santa Luzia passou por aqui com seu cavalinho comendo capim”

“Ivan IV  & Elizabeth I”

“VEMVAI, o Caminho dos Mortos/VEMVAI, the path of the dead”

“A Refeição/The Repast”

“Assombrações do Recife Velho/Hauntings from the Ancient Recife”


“A Ópera/The Opera”

“As Centenárias”

“Maria do Caritó”,

“O Livro/The Book”

“Jacinta” and “Terra de Santo” are his news plays to be performed in 2012.

Awards and nominations

- Nomitaded for Best Play in Shell (Rio de Janeiro), APTR and Contigo! Awards in 2010 for “Maria do Caritó”.

- Shell Award for Directing and Set Desing for “Memória da Cana” in 2010.

- Cooperativa Paulista de Teatro Award for Best Director for “Memória da Cana” in 2010.

- APCA (Critics Association of São Paulo) Best Play of the year, “Memória da Cana” in 2009.

- Shell and Contigo! Awards for the play “As Centenárias” in 2008. Nominated for APTR for the same category.

- Shell and APCA (Critics Association of São Paulo) for the play “Agreste/Drylands” in 2004.

- Qualidade Brasil Award 2005 for directing “Assombrações Do Recife Velho/Hauntings from Ancient Recife”. Nominated for Shell Award in the same category in 2005.

- Nominated to Shell Award 2006 (with his company Os Fofos Encenam) for the research on  the play “Ferro em Brasa”.

- São José dos Campos Festival Award as Best Actor in “A Mulher Do Trem/The Woman on the train” in 2003

- Bolsa Vitae Award in 2003 sponsorship for adapting the play “Assombrações do Recife Velho/Hauntings from the anciet Recife”.