Emilie Gallier (Jamillah Sungkar, drawings)
Papier incomestible

De Nieuwe Dansbibliotheek


Papier incomestible is the printed and bound version of the edible book in the performance ‘Papier multiforme, papier comestible’. The book contains guests, ghosts, eyes and hands, magic tricks, burps, bugs, enigmas, the score for a hand dance inspired by Yvonne Rainer, the key to one of Tilman Andris’ sleight of hands, poetry, rhythms, and deep drawings by Jamillah Sungkar.

  • #10001
  • 2020
  • ENG
  • €12.50
  • Other language (paars)
  • Dansboekje

Over de schrijver

Emilie Gallier (Jamillah Sungkar, drawings) Emilie Gallier (France, 1984) is a choreographer and researcher. meer info over de schrijver