Jackie Lubeck is a multi-national no-national playwright, living the better part of her life in Palestine. She is the co-founder of Theatre Day Productions (TDP), an organization that is both a production house for youth theatre and a training center for drama. Lubeck works throughout the Palestinian Territories but the biggest operation of TDP is in the Gaza Strip where she is both a writer and a designer. TDP built two professional theatres in the Gaza Strip: in 1998 (for the municipality) and in 2006 (for TDP). Previous to this, she was a co-founder of El-Theatre Company (not to be confused with the Palestinian National Theatre). El-Hakawati created original plays on the Palestinian experience between 1979 and 1990 in addition to building the first theatre in Jerusalem. Lubeck's life is in two acts: both Palestinian. Jackie also says she was born and bred in Brooklyn.