Catalina Insignares (1987) is a Colombian choreographer and dancer based in Brussels. She’s interested in how to draw on the sensorial and fictional means of the body and of touch to develop ways to communicate with the invisible. She works always in collaboration and long-term associations for choreography, dramaturgy, teaching and performance. Since 2015, Catalina collaborates with Carolina Mendonça, maintaining close complicity in different manners of working together: reading groups, telepathic dances, psychic vision sessions, caress and massage populate these encounters. Since 2017, she has been working with Myriam Lefkowitz as a performer as well as in a collaboration that seeks to infiltrate sensory practices in the social and political realities of exiled people. Catalina was part of THIRD, DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam, in 2019–2022. Since 2019 she is a co-curator at the Gessnerallee in Zurich, where she developed the festival El Caldo and the curatorial programme Discrete.